Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V-Day and such

Well, this was our first valentines day together. How fun! I decided to do my portion on tuesday since we actually had steak and potatoes to eat... : ) My gift was mostly lame. I got him some of his favorite candy and a big balloon from the dollar tree (hee hee hee) and I made him a yellow cake in a heart shaped pan (thanks sara!) with homemade chocolate frosting. I know, so domestic! And then I cooked dinner (or perhaps reheated the potatoes from the previous day and put the steak on the foreman!) It was great. And tasty (If I do say so myself!) He was much more thoughtful. I came home from work on Saturday morning and Nathan made me go take a nap while he finished what he was doing (oh darn...) So he came in maybe an hour later with a book that he made me. It's called "I love you the mosterest!" modeled after my "I love you the mostest" that I gave him for our negative one month anniversary. I was way cute and I love it! Then he got me an assortment of purple flowers (how did he know I liked purple????) as well as chocolate with carmel (My favorite!!!!) And he made every box of jello that we have in our house. Approximately 8 flavors. CRAZY!!! But so good! Then we had lunch like the lunch we had for the day we got "officially" engaged. Yay us. It was so fun! Oh, and I also bought fabric for a quilt i'm going to make!!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute. It's pink and red and creamish. Great fun. Now for free time... YAY!


Aaron and Sara Christensen said...

Cute! Glad the heart pan worked :) and what's a negative one month anniversary?

Momma Salt said...

I want to hear more about this quilt.