Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today I found out from my good friend, Facebook, that two of my "friends" announced that they were pregnant today. I have thought about babies a lot recently and this certainly didn't help. Nathan and I have decided that it is for everyone's best interest to wait until I'm finished with school to start to try and have children. But that certainly doesn't mean I don't want a baby RIGHT NOW! But then it starts me on my other train of thought. Infertility and Miscarriages. I don't know what my insides are like. I've never actually met them. And they haven't told me if they are going to be nice to me or not. That makes me nervous. Sometimes I read a blog of a friend of a friend of mines (yes...I don't actually know her...) and her struggle with infertility. And I just cry and cry. I don't even know her, for crying out loud, but I can see her pain. And I don't want that. I hope that when it comes time that I won't have to ever deal with that pain. Until then I guess I'm just going to play the waiting game.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilts, Quilts and more QUILTS!!!

I remembered yesterday that I hadn't blogged about my quilt that I said I was going to make a few blog posts back. I also made a few other things, plus I'm working on a few more! So I thought I would post some pictures : )

This is the quilt that I mentioned I was making. It turned out really good! I also made some pillows to go with it:

I started this next quilt when I was in high school. I figured it was about time to finish it...

The next one isn't a quilt yet...but it will be some day, hopefully soon! I got it from my family for my birthday. It's my Christmas quilt and the colors are just BEAUTIFUL!

This is another quilt that I am working on. It is going to have brown stars like the one I've made and then it has blue that goes between the star blocks. (*note: the color is not very accurate.)
And this leads to the last quilt. Nathan wanted me to make him a sports quilt as his anniversary present. So that is what I'm doing. It is going to look interesting and this is a quilt that doesn't have a pattern to follow, so I can change whatever I want! : ) Also, because the Houston Astros stopped making fabric for the team... I could either buy a fat quarter (an 1/4 of a yard) for $13 or make my own. So, I made my own! It will eventually have the word "Astros" as well as a star on it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


So, today Meadow and I went up to Salt Lake to take the written part of the National Interpreter Certification test. This test is 150 questions and you must get a scaled score of 500 or better to pass the test. There are different categories of test questions about culture, code of ethics, interpreting situations, understand the structure of ASL, etc. Well the good news is.......

I PASSED!!!!!!

Now I just have to catch up on all my homework that I've neglected recently.... : ) p.s. Meadow passed too. We are both just that cool!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Every time I watch this show I cry. Sniff Sniff.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I found this email that my friend sent me one time. Once again I laughed! It's called Porn For Women:

"Hold that thought for a second. I want to pull over to ask for directions."

"I don't have to have a reason to bring you flowers"

"Don't want anyone 'falling in' in the middle of the night."

"I know. Let's take you shoe shopping!"

"Ooh, look, The NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair."

"As long as I have legs to walk on, you'll never have to take out the garbage."

"Is that the baby? I'll get her."

"I made some Niman Ranch lamb tenderloin with garlic, black pepper, and Indonesian soy sauce for dinner. I hope that sounds OK."

"I like to get to these things before I have to be asked"

Hee Hee Hee.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Other news

So, I signed up for the written NIC test. That is the National Interpreter Certification test. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The written part alone is $340. It's 150 multiple choice questions and I'm taking it on the 31st of October. LESS THAN A MONTH!!!! If/When I pass the test, I can apply for the ACIPP (Advanced Certification Interpreter Preparedness Program) for the Spring semester. Here's to hoping!

Our 500 Days of Summer

It would take far to long to tell you everything that we did this summer, so I've decided to do it unjustice by putting up lots of pictures to tell the story of our summer! Enjoy!

Nathan was a CTR 5 primary teacher

We went an visited Sarah, Matt and Ally in Wisconsin
Abby, Nathan and I went to the Henry Doorly Zoo In Omaha Nebraska

We went to Wisconsin again to see our new niece Lily Elizabeth

We went to the Iowa State Fair

(Yes, those are made out of BUTTER!!!)

We went on a cruise to Ensenada Mexico and Catalina Island

And we went to Bandon Oregon to visit Gpa and Gma Salt

Yep. That's what we did this summer.

Oh, besides work our fingers to the bone at:

SunnyView (no picture. LAME!)

We worked a lot and now we are very glad to be back in good old P-town going to school and working some more. Nathan is back at the MTC and I'm doing some private home health care.
Hooray for getting closer to graduating!