Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have some time between my classes each day. The other day I decided to see if there were any books that looked good that I could check out from the library. And guess what. THERE WERE!!!! I found one that is all about making bread, so I decided to go on a bread making kick. And what fun it is! Here are some pictures of some of the breads that I've already made:

Here is my bread rising in it's pan.

Here's a picture under the towel!

Finished product!!!!!

Doesn't it look great?

This is ciabatta bread. It is quite tasty. I added a little too much flour...I'll remember that for next time... For this type of bread you make a starter, which is basically yeast water an some flour. You leave it to bubble for 12 hours or overnight. Then you add the rest of the ingredients and let it rise.

I can't remember the name of this bread...but it was pretty good. I modified the recipe a little. It called for some fresh herbs, which looked like spinach leaves, that I did not had. I did, however, have some leftover frozen spinach so I added that, plus the dried herbs. It also called for gorgonzola cheese. That cheese not only looks gross, but it reminded me of feta cheese, which IS gross, so I opted to just use more mozzarella than the recipe called for. It ended up being pretty good.

This is a cold picture of the insides, i forgot to get one when it was hot. Do you see all that wonderful cheesiness??? : )

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. Well, besides school and work, of course... : ) ttfn!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, today was my last first day of school. Wow! Hard to believe it is here already. I'm very excited to be graduated from school. This semester shouldn't be too bad. I am only signed up for 12 credits (6 credits less than last semester...), and one of those credits is an...AEROBICS CLASS!!!! How cool! I'm pretty excited anyway... Yesterday I had a massage for my 1 year anniversary present. Ahhh. It was nice. I could have those all the time and be very happy. Christmas was fun. We went to Texas and all of Nathan's brothers/sister (except for Andrew who's serving his mission in Samoa) were there. It was a lot of people, a lot of games, a lot of movies, and a lot of sports. Good times were had by all. Especially since there were two cute neices to play with. Hooray! Nathan is still playing around with his scedule at school. He's hoping to get into two classes that are already full...but if he does he can graduate next april and we can move on with our lives. SO, here's to hoping! Nothing else new is happening though. The End.