Monday, February 9, 2009

The Next Day...

Wow, Who would have thought that day two of the new blog and there's already another post! Hooray! (Hurray?) So here I am...sitting at school wishing the huge massive headache that I have would go away. But I'm way excited about tonight. We're having steak (marinaded in Italian dressing) and Twice Baked potatoes! YUM!!! So maybe we had that twice last week and maybe we're having it twice this week. So what! I can hardly wait, except I need to make the potatoes sometime between 3-7 because we won't actually eat until after 10! Lame work. That's what I say! Valentines day is coming up. Sigh. I hate holidays. I have a hard enough time thinking of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays, now another holiday? We'll see how it turns out. Maybe steak for dinner?


camille said...

it's pretty amazing how frequently you use the exclamation point.

and i think valentine's day is the most overrated, materialistic holiday. it's worse than christmas.

p.s. my word verification is "wawnetol"

jhjonze said...

First let me explain who I am just in case. I'm Nathan's cousin, that was easy!

I'm a receptionist and blogging is how I stay sane so thanks for adding some entertainment to my life... Oh and also thanks for teaching me how to spell Hurray!

PS. I also use the exclamation point way too much! :)

Sharlee said...

I love you. Steak for Valentine's seems to be the perfect little "surprise"! I bet Nathan won't ever expect it. I miss you!