Sunday, February 8, 2009

First try...again...

Woohoo! Today is the first real blog post! I'm just so dang excited! Well... Let's see...There really isn't a lot to blog about right now...except I just made a huge discovery a second ago. I always spell the following word Hooray!, but then today I realized that the reason my T9 doesn't recognize it is because I spell it WRONG!!! It's supposed to be spelt Hurray! Who knew?
School is going good so far this semester. I actually really like all my classes. Maybe because they are all ASL classes, so? I think my favorite is my Deafness and the Law class. It is SO interesting! I think a lot of people are frustrated by it, but I think it's so neat! I would love to be a court interpreter so it would be a good thing if I liked this stuff I suppose. Oh, and my cross cultural interpreting class. I feel like even though I don't really know all of my classmates really well, that I have all these friends. I think that ever since I've been married my social life has diminished DRASTICALLY. And even if I haven't done anything with them outside of class that they are my friends. It's nice to have friends that are girls that know and talk about things you know and talk about. I mean, boys are great and all, but they aren't girls. So thank goodness for that class.
Nathan and I might be going to Denver in March to see his brother and sister in law and then another brother that's coming up. It's for a basketball conference (yay...) but we did get married in Denver, so it definitely won't be terrible. I'm pretty excited about that, especially since I was having a bummy day the other day. My mom and sister are going to Ireland in May and I can't justify spending a grand on myself while Nathan and I haven't even had a honeymoon yet. *tear* Oh well, we'll find somewhere even funner to go! Take that!
I've been going through a baby phase lately. It's pretty ironic since when I was engaged or just very very newly married I was scared to death of having a baby, but something must have changed! I really want one now. Boo. The thing is that I really want to wait until I'm done with school to have one. Well, I graduate next that means I could start trying in the fall... : ) That is a happy thought. Be patient Natalie. Be patient!
Well, That's all for now. Stay tuned for future updates!


Sharlee said...

Well the real question is... Did it last until day THREE?! Also, I heard Idaho is much more fun than Ireland.... Just a thought! :)

Lindsey said...

yea another person who blogs.welcome to the cool group.