Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well I suppose that it is time to post again.
It's been pretty busy around here.
I am finishing up with school as we speak. (well....that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now...)
Today was my last day of school.
I've been feeling weird all day.
I think it doesn't help that my very good friends Sara and Aaron are moving before I get back from Iowa.
(Oh yeah. I forgot. I'm going to Iowa! For a quilt retreat! HOORAY!!!!).
And by not going back to school I won't be able to see my school friends either.
I'm in denial, I think.
And we are staying in Utah for the summer so that Nathan can take some classes.
That means no family either.
Sad day for us.
But we are planting a garden.
That's cool.
Also, I'm taking a cake decorating class right now.
I'm not good yet...but maybe one day!

(Cute clown I made!!!)

And some pictures from my trip to Vegas with Megan!