Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, I thought I would put up some pictures of my fabric and the quilt I plan to make. Hooray!

*It's much more cream than it appears...

*Also much pinkier

*Not so redish. More marroony.

This is what the pattern will look like. Hooray!

Well how fun is that? I'm so excited to get started on it. Now I just have to wait until I can get a cutting board and a cutter... Oh, and time : )

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I heard that "meh" was actually in the dictionary. Yep, right on the radio it said it was true! How can I possibly doubt? I just saw a guy who looked like Ashton Kutcher (sp?). IN THE UVU LIBRARY! It must be him. Who knew he liked the library so much? Not a lot is happening. Megan got mad at me for not being very updateful. Rude her for not even HAVING a blog. Yeah, that's what I thought! Well, I had a great time in Rachels class yesterday. It was so fun! I'm sure that perhaps I was a little annoying, but I asked a lot of questions about the Interpreting test. I was nervous before, but now I'm actually really exciting. I'm sure it will be kindof tricky, but I'm sure it will be fun too! My family is coming down in March. How fun! I like them, that family of mine. They're good people. I wish I had some chocolate with carmel right now. That would be tasty. Nathan had an intermural basketball game yesterday. He's in a team with someone that served his mission with him. I guess they won by like 30 points (yes, I wasn't there. Class you know.) Yay him. What a studly man! : ) Opps, institute now! Later!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V-Day and such

Well, this was our first valentines day together. How fun! I decided to do my portion on tuesday since we actually had steak and potatoes to eat... : ) My gift was mostly lame. I got him some of his favorite candy and a big balloon from the dollar tree (hee hee hee) and I made him a yellow cake in a heart shaped pan (thanks sara!) with homemade chocolate frosting. I know, so domestic! And then I cooked dinner (or perhaps reheated the potatoes from the previous day and put the steak on the foreman!) It was great. And tasty (If I do say so myself!) He was much more thoughtful. I came home from work on Saturday morning and Nathan made me go take a nap while he finished what he was doing (oh darn...) So he came in maybe an hour later with a book that he made me. It's called "I love you the mosterest!" modeled after my "I love you the mostest" that I gave him for our negative one month anniversary. I was way cute and I love it! Then he got me an assortment of purple flowers (how did he know I liked purple????) as well as chocolate with carmel (My favorite!!!!) And he made every box of jello that we have in our house. Approximately 8 flavors. CRAZY!!! But so good! Then we had lunch like the lunch we had for the day we got "officially" engaged. Yay us. It was so fun! Oh, and I also bought fabric for a quilt i'm going to make!!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute. It's pink and red and creamish. Great fun. Now for free time... YAY!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok, the day has finally come................I went to the ob/gyn to get some new birthcontrol! HOORAY!!! I've been getting headaches for the past month and a half or so. It's been terrible, horrible, no good, very bad! So I got this new stuff called Loestrin 24 Fe. Yep. It sounds like Low Estrin (or in my head, Estrogen). That should be better since the patch has more dosage at a time. I know you all have always wanted to know, but we're hoping that things get better. (yes, "we". Nathan will appreciate it when I want to do other things besides sleep or lay around...) Funny story of the other day... So I was telling Nathan of the things I wanted to do during the day. "I want to finish my test and homework, I want to clean the apartment, and look hot." All of a sudden he starts saying how he was going to clean my car for valentines day (man, I can't wait! What a great present!!!!!) and I was so confused! Well, It seems that he thought I said I was going to clean the apartment and "le car". HA HA HA. Man! At least I got a little bit of secret out of him! : ) yay me! I sure do love that husband of mine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Next Day...

Wow, Who would have thought that day two of the new blog and there's already another post! Hooray! (Hurray?) So here I am...sitting at school wishing the huge massive headache that I have would go away. But I'm way excited about tonight. We're having steak (marinaded in Italian dressing) and Twice Baked potatoes! YUM!!! So maybe we had that twice last week and maybe we're having it twice this week. So what! I can hardly wait, except I need to make the potatoes sometime between 3-7 because we won't actually eat until after 10! Lame work. That's what I say! Valentines day is coming up. Sigh. I hate holidays. I have a hard enough time thinking of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays, now another holiday? We'll see how it turns out. Maybe steak for dinner?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First try...again...

Woohoo! Today is the first real blog post! I'm just so dang excited! Well... Let's see...There really isn't a lot to blog about right now...except I just made a huge discovery a second ago. I always spell the following word Hooray!, but then today I realized that the reason my T9 doesn't recognize it is because I spell it WRONG!!! It's supposed to be spelt Hurray! Who knew?
School is going good so far this semester. I actually really like all my classes. Maybe because they are all ASL classes, so? I think my favorite is my Deafness and the Law class. It is SO interesting! I think a lot of people are frustrated by it, but I think it's so neat! I would love to be a court interpreter so it would be a good thing if I liked this stuff I suppose. Oh, and my cross cultural interpreting class. I feel like even though I don't really know all of my classmates really well, that I have all these friends. I think that ever since I've been married my social life has diminished DRASTICALLY. And even if I haven't done anything with them outside of class that they are my friends. It's nice to have friends that are girls that know and talk about things you know and talk about. I mean, boys are great and all, but they aren't girls. So thank goodness for that class.
Nathan and I might be going to Denver in March to see his brother and sister in law and then another brother that's coming up. It's for a basketball conference (yay...) but we did get married in Denver, so it definitely won't be terrible. I'm pretty excited about that, especially since I was having a bummy day the other day. My mom and sister are going to Ireland in May and I can't justify spending a grand on myself while Nathan and I haven't even had a honeymoon yet. *tear* Oh well, we'll find somewhere even funner to go! Take that!
I've been going through a baby phase lately. It's pretty ironic since when I was engaged or just very very newly married I was scared to death of having a baby, but something must have changed! I really want one now. Boo. The thing is that I really want to wait until I'm done with school to have one. Well, I graduate next that means I could start trying in the fall... : ) That is a happy thought. Be patient Natalie. Be patient!
Well, That's all for now. Stay tuned for future updates!