Monday, May 9, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

Now I know that saying is usually referring to when bad things happen they all seem to happen at once. But in THIS case, when one thing happens everything else happens at the same time too! You may think that I've been an awful blogger. Well, the truth is... I am! But also in the past 2 months we: Had a baby, Nathan graduated from school, We blessed our baby, We moved to Wisconsin, and Nathan started a new job. So, I think I'm entitled to some slack.

Things are just starting to settle down a little. Nathan is getting into the swing of his new job. Well, actually he is just doing orientation right now, so let me rephrase.... Nathan is now continuing to be bored while he goes to orientation all day for his new job. : ) I hear things will get better. Let's hope so, for his sake.

I am keeping myself busy during the day. I'm almost all unpacked. I think we might have 5 boxes left, with most of them being small ones. Alana is such a good baby. She is very chill and likes to relax and not cry unless she is hungry or feels lonely. She grows cuter everyday and is getting so big. She gets her shots this week. I'm not looking forward to them : (

What? You want some pictures of our cute baby??? Ok:

Smushed binkie face

Sometimes I find her in weird positions...
First Sunday outfit
Graduation outfit
Dad graduating from BYU

Blessing day
Loving the dress/hat that Grandma Smith made. She is laying on a blanket that was made for Grandpa Salt when he was a baby. Don't worry, the other side is blue. : )

Happy Easter (thanks grandma!)
Perhaps a slightly posed (on Nathans part) picture
Her empty room. Don't worry, it looks better now.
And a cute smiling video for your viewing pleasure