Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homeward Bound

Near the end of April Natalie and I had some grand adventures before we began our long long journey to Iowa. First we went to Salt Lake for Brittany's wedding day. We hardly ever seem to carry a camera with us so here are a few shots of us taken on my cellular phone.

This is Natalie and I just outside the door to the Salt Lake City Temple...

This is me trying to sneak in afore mentioned door.

Well, this happened after the BYU semester ended and the UVU one was still winding down. So as soon as Natalie's semester was finished we packed up the old Focus and headed out to Denver, the first stop on our journey East where we visited my brother and sister-in-law for his birthday. My parent's came out to see us also and it happened to be that Matthew was called into the Bishopric just in time for us to be there for the ordination. My grandpa and his wife came out so he could ordain him a high priest. It was really great to see everyone and we spent a lot of time eating and playing and eating and watching movies and more eating. It was really great and, for me, a great way to relax after a rather difficult semester. However, after a few rather short days in Denver we packed up the car and headed on to the great state of Iowa.

After being in Iowa for a few days and having put in applications all over town we decided to let the dust settle here while we waited it out in Mt. Horeb, WI. My sister lives there and so we spent a few days there. Yet again, it was very relaxing and we atched A LOT of movies. Plus, and possibly most importantly, we got to see our very cute neice, Ally Joy. SHe is a doll and we hadn't been able to see my sister or brother-in-law or Ally since the wedding in November. What a trip we have had so far. Now, you may ask. What is there to do in Mt. Horeb, WI? WELL, let me tell you. First, we went to the mustard museum, "Poupon U." What a hoot!

Then, after that we headed off to see the trolls. Apparently, Mt Horeb was once a troll village full of wonderful magic fairy creatures. Or maybe it was just some crazy woman who thought they looked cool...

After we left Wisconsin we headed back home and sicne then Natalie has started working and I have recently gotten a job though I haven't started quite yet. The adventures are slowing down, but only for now and I am sure that we will have more stories to share as the summer rolls on.