Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Day

On Sunday we woke up and I made some pink Waffles. Everybody LOVE pink waffles, especially on Valentines day. They were delicious! (of course. : D ) Anyways we didn't do a lot that day, especially since Nathan had to work that night, so we celebrated on Monday. (Yay no school!) We went to a morning movie, When in Rome. It was cute and romanticy. Then we went to arby's and got some food, with our coupons of course! We had previously decided that we were going to make pizzas that night, but decided that we should invite someone over to have pizzas WITH us, you kno, share the love! So we invited our good friends Sara and Aaron over to make pizza and play games. Good times were had by all. Here are some pictures:

Hooray Pizza!!!!

Here is our pink cake that failed a was a new recipe

A little York Peppermint Bouquet for Nathan : ) He also received a Pink tie, not pictured.

Nathan bought me this! HOW FUN!!! It's actually just what I wanted!

Ok, Now to non valentines day stuff. Remember that I was making Nathan a quilt for our anniversary? This is what it used to look like:

WELL, it now looks like:
YAY!!!!! It is going to have a red and blue border (the fabric that is on the left side) and it is missing 2 stars that will come soon. I ran out of wonder under stuff.

Other crafts I'm working on:

I found these cute little wood things at walmart and then the wooden plaques at Michaels. I'm going to attach ribbon to the back to hold it.


I'm planning on going to a baby shower on saturday and this is what I'm bringing. This skill has definitely come in handy. Thanks Mom!

And that is everything as of right now!