Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilts, Quilts and more QUILTS!!!

I remembered yesterday that I hadn't blogged about my quilt that I said I was going to make a few blog posts back. I also made a few other things, plus I'm working on a few more! So I thought I would post some pictures : )

This is the quilt that I mentioned I was making. It turned out really good! I also made some pillows to go with it:

I started this next quilt when I was in high school. I figured it was about time to finish it...

The next one isn't a quilt yet...but it will be some day, hopefully soon! I got it from my family for my birthday. It's my Christmas quilt and the colors are just BEAUTIFUL!

This is another quilt that I am working on. It is going to have brown stars like the one I've made and then it has blue that goes between the star blocks. (*note: the color is not very accurate.)
And this leads to the last quilt. Nathan wanted me to make him a sports quilt as his anniversary present. So that is what I'm doing. It is going to look interesting and this is a quilt that doesn't have a pattern to follow, so I can change whatever I want! : ) Also, because the Houston Astros stopped making fabric for the team... I could either buy a fat quarter (an 1/4 of a yard) for $13 or make my own. So, I made my own! It will eventually have the word "Astros" as well as a star on it.