Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first REAL cake

So my friend has a birthday. That day is today. SOOOOOO, I decided to make her a cake. This is the first time that I have completed a whole cake and I think it turned out pretty well. The cake is chocolate with chocolate pudding in the middle. The frosting is cream cheese frosting from betty crocker : ) The roses are gum paste and the pink frosting is butter cream. Volia!

This is the cake at first.

These are the roses:

The mess I made:

And then I decided that I wasn't completely satisfied so I added some dots:

And it tasted pretty good too!

Now my problem is that Nathan's birthday is next week and I have NO idea what kind of cake to make him. Do you think he'll like roses too???


Abbigayle Mo said...

Oh my cow!! Did you make those roses all by yourself?!?! I think the dots are a VERY nice touch. And I'm coming out there in a couple weeks. You should make me a welcome to Utah cake. Just sayin' :)

rebecca said...

holy cow. you are profesh. if i dont pass certification will you teach me to make pretty things?

jhjonze said...

I LOVE it. Probably wouldn't have worked for Trae's birthday, and I have a feeling Nathan might not like it either. Get cracking! (Oh and it was great seeing you guys again).

Lissa Clair said...

I am seriously impressed by your roses- are you sure you've never made a cake before?

Elissa said...