Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well I suppose that it is time to post again.
It's been pretty busy around here.
I am finishing up with school as we speak. (well....that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now...)
Today was my last day of school.
I've been feeling weird all day.
I think it doesn't help that my very good friends Sara and Aaron are moving before I get back from Iowa.
(Oh yeah. I forgot. I'm going to Iowa! For a quilt retreat! HOORAY!!!!).
And by not going back to school I won't be able to see my school friends either.
I'm in denial, I think.
And we are staying in Utah for the summer so that Nathan can take some classes.
That means no family either.
Sad day for us.
But we are planting a garden.
That's cool.
Also, I'm taking a cake decorating class right now.
I'm not good yet...but maybe one day!

(Cute clown I made!!!)

And some pictures from my trip to Vegas with Megan!


rebecca said...

kristine and i are starting a deaf studies book club so you can still see us! the first book is the hunger games and we will get together the second half of may. be there.

Sharlee said...

You made that first cake with me there! Hooray. I'm sorry you're feeling down. I love you and hope you adjust to being done with college quickly and happily! Love you!

Sara said...