Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Frolic

Mt Horeb had their summer Frolic. Basically it is a really small fair. They had a really cool game that Nathan played. It was a real live Angry Birds. You had some plush birds that you threw with a slingshot at some plush piggies. He did awesome and won an angry birds key chain thing. Cool!

Here is Alana playing a game. She even won a cute polar bear that had penguin feet! :)

And Alana's new trick:

Our baby girl is getting so big! She just turned 3 months!!! Her new tricks include giggling, keeping her head up, smiling more, and DROOLING!!! She drools everywhere! But she's just so dang cute anyways!


Beautiful Lady said...

OH MY COW! NATALIE! I LOVE MY BABY NIECE! Ohhh.. Why am I here? Why am'nt I there and holding her all the time????

Momma Salt said...

Alana was just amazing at that game. Rivals her dad in talent.

Miss you all.