Monday, October 4, 2010

Heather's Baby Shower

On Saturday I threw my old roommate Heather a baby shower. It was fun getting ready for it. Thanks to Megan and Nathan for their help! Here are some pictures from the event:

The Food:

Chicken Salad (with croissants), chips and dip, peaches, pop...


How CUTE!!!!!


The 'melt chocolate in a diaper, have it look like poo, and guess what kind it is' game

The 'see who can drink their juice the fastest from a sippy cup' game:
(no picture from actual game...but you get the idea.)

There were also a unscramble baby words game, but no pictures of that either!

Blurry Prizes:


The fabulous diaper cake I made : )
Burp rag from Megan
A toy giraffe from Nicole and Julia and a blanket/hat/socks from Brittany
A picture of Megan : P

I had a really fun time. It was nice to get together with all my old roommates. Who's next?


Steph said...

you're gross. Poopy chocolate game? ;) Looks like a super fun shower! See you at mine soon (and then of course I'll come to yours toting my little child with me!).

Donna Jo said...

The chick-cake-pops-on-a-stick are soooo cute! What a cheerful shower you put together. Well done!

Momma Salt said...

I have never seen cake-pops on a stick!! Did you make those?!? Looks like you (and Megan and Nathan) did a great job hosting the shower.

Aaron and Sara said...

I LOVE THE CAKE POPS!! You did such a fabulous job, as per usual :) glad you're getting some use out of the book!