Sunday, July 4, 2010

cakes, Cakes, CAKES!!!!!!

Last year, for my birthday, Nathan gave me a cake decorating book. I hadn't tried any of them until recently, but having two decorating classes under my belt I decided to try some cakes out. Here are the results:

Cake Number 1:

Cake: Devil's Food
Top: White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate
Icing (between layers): White Chocolate Buttercream (not my fav....)
Outside: Toasted Almonds

Cake Number 2:

Cake: Homemade Chocolate
Top: Dark Chocolate w/ White Chocolate Piping
Icing (between layers): Cream, Whipped



rachel! said...

beauty, i love it!

Momma Salt said...

I bet Nathan is glad that he picked that present for you!!!

They look wonderful!