Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our 500 Days of Summer

It would take far to long to tell you everything that we did this summer, so I've decided to do it unjustice by putting up lots of pictures to tell the story of our summer! Enjoy!

Nathan was a CTR 5 primary teacher

We went an visited Sarah, Matt and Ally in Wisconsin
Abby, Nathan and I went to the Henry Doorly Zoo In Omaha Nebraska

We went to Wisconsin again to see our new niece Lily Elizabeth

We went to the Iowa State Fair

(Yes, those are made out of BUTTER!!!)

We went on a cruise to Ensenada Mexico and Catalina Island

And we went to Bandon Oregon to visit Gpa and Gma Salt

Yep. That's what we did this summer.

Oh, besides work our fingers to the bone at:

SunnyView (no picture. LAME!)

We worked a lot and now we are very glad to be back in good old P-town going to school and working some more. Nathan is back at the MTC and I'm doing some private home health care.
Hooray for getting closer to graduating!


Momma Salt said...

I loved your pictures!! I am so glad that you had some fun times while working so hard.

Donna Jo said... mention of the Smith Bed & Breakfast, home of 3 squares a day and all the advice you could hope for????

jhjonze said...

Fun pictures! Great summer.