Thursday, April 16, 2009


A lot of things have happened lately.
  • I went to the doctor three times in two weeks.
  • After NOT being given medicine at the doctors and suffering a whole weekend without being able to swallow I was finally given medicine and was better the next day.
  • I was told I have Mono. That's right. Just before finals. (arrrrgh...)
  • We found a place to live in the fall!
  • We decided to go Iowa for the summer.
  • I talked to my old job in Iowa and have a full time position for me when I get there.
Man. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Thankfully I will be able to sleep better at night : )


rebecca said...

holy cow girl! yay for iowa! feel better!

rachel! said...

I'm so sorry! Mono is the worst! Everyone thinks that it's some nice vacation you just sleep through...wrong! Feel better soon :) PS - do you need to take the written exam? We're going to make it mandatory for the program. Call me or something this weekend

Aaron and Sara Christensen said...

mono huh? bummer...that stinks, especially since nathan's the only one you've been kissing :) let me know if you need anything...I had cookies on your plate I was going to give back to you last week, but we had to eat them before they went bad hahaha so let me know when I can come by to bring some goodies over and return your plate.

Matt and Mal said...

oh boy, mono is no fun. seriously. good luck and feel better. Iowa will be fun- my husband loves that place because he served his mission there haha. Summer will be good for you :)

jhjonze said...

Wow, uh, go you. At least you made some decisions... I'm so sorry you're sick!