Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patties Day!

Well, yesterday was St. Patrick's day and to honor our Irish heritage we made green pancakes and green scrambled eggs. YUM! Here's proof:

Green Pancakes

Green Eggs

Nathan in his green shirt just about to eat some delicious green eggs!!! YUM!!!!


Beautiful Lady said...

I think that it is more than slightly unnerving to see that the eggs Nathan is eating are the same color as your green plate...

Aaron and Sara Christensen said...

hahaha pretty sure I could never do green eggs...Aaron won't even eat normal colored eggs! Way to be festive!

jhjonze said...

So apparently my little subscription thing to your blog isn't working so much and now I've missed a whole bunch! Dang!

Fun little breakfast. And I LOVE the fabric below and can't wait to see the finish quilt.